Fight Even

Fight… Argue…

An intimate relationship without arguments is not a relationship at all. Even with your friends you tend to argue with them. I used to be timid. But due to circumstances, i learned to fight… fight for the one i love… fight for what we have.



MAY 11, 2010

At times like this, i appreciate the feeling of being tired or better, exhausted. That i would just lie on my bed, have a few minutes of praying, and without noticing it, I’m already asleep. I don’t have time to think… to face the dug-up feelings that can actually torture me and my eyes. ‘Cause during these times, the mask that has been put-on for long hours of the day is annoyingly worn-out… Yes, annoyingly but sadly…

Warm Thank You MSP Pampanga

JUNE 24, 2012

It’s exactly 11 months and 19 days since i set foot in MSP Pampanga. Tonight, while wrapping our things for the clinic, we were so surprised to hear the news that i will start my duty in MSI San Fernando by Monday. The feeling is ambivalent, i am half excited and half sad. Excited to arrange our area and do other things.. to finally see the store operating after months of waiting, and sad to somehow bid farewell to my co-employees whom i spent my every day duty with. I am used to seeing them every day. In as much as i want to personally thank almost everyone, i think i can’t, but i’m still hoping that i could. Hug hug na parang PBB Teens lang and pa-picture kasama kayo. Hahaha.

Thank you po for the info lalo na kapag may sale, hahaha. I super appreciate it. Thank you for assisting me.. for helping me choose a product well. naks! Thank you!

Thank you sa mga patamang hindi seryoso. Sa mga asaran na pampasaya lang. Sa mga tawag tawag para lang mangulit. Sa mga shared na ulam kasi hindi gusto yung baon. Sa mga cino-correct na apers. Sa mga explanation letter na kailangan i-submit due to wrong entries and other violations. Hahaha. Lunch buddies, snack break buddies, and all, pati na sa iba na suki na ni clinic… Pa-BP, etc. thank you! Thank you sa lahat ng nag-guide at nagturo sa’min kamulangan man paminsan. Joke!

Special thanks to my Clinic fam… for the happy memories, and all the experiences. For the kulitan days which sometimes made the work lighter. For the coffee days, mapa-sponsored by Global Pinoy, Coffee Point, McDonald’s, Dunkin Donuts, Supermarket, Canteen, our own coffee or Free Taste man yan, this I know will definitely be missed. For the cake days, free from other people’s birthday or sponsored by Susie’s. Hahaha. For the toxic days lalo na kapag may consultation or activity. For the stories na kahit may kaniya kaniyang ginagawa ay natatawa pa din tayo lalo na kapag mga bloopers natin. Basta for ALL the memories we have shared. Sorry for being a nuisance at times. 😀

This is not a goodbye-goodbye, but a goodbye for now. We’ll definitely see each other. Hindi na lang kasingdalas like before na during day offs, sick leave and vacation leave lang hindi nagkikita or nagkakasama. You have made my stay in MSP PAMP a great one. Something i can never forget.