Life’s Realization

Life gives us a lot of things to ponder and learn. But it definitely teaches us to realize and learn from our mistakes and know our worth. That we need to be a good person, if not better. That we have to help others who needed our help. That we have to do what is right and what is good. That there are things out of our hands we have to accept. Amidst all of the bad things happening in one’s life, we have to keep on looking at the bright side… There’s always good in every thing. Keep your optimism and faith burning.



Take A Chance

Not knowing where you stand in someone’s life is definitely hard. But if he’s making you feel happy, why not take a chance? There are those people who went thru a lot of pain from their past relationships that it made them difficult to trust and always cautious in people’s intention towards them. Risk.. Taking a chance is never that bad. If it hurts you in the end, be thankful because it made you happy. But if it happened that he continuously makes you feel happy, take care of it. Take care of him. It’s not everyday that we get to meet and find a person who fits in our zone of happiness.


Cafè Noelle

Cafè Noelle is a coffee shop located in Greenfields, Sindalan, City of San Fernando, Pampanga, Philippines.
My friend and I tried their goodies. Few of which are Chocolate Mud Slide which its price is more than 100php, and their home-baked Chifonelle which is their best seller costing 110php (if i’m not mistaken). The place is cozy and very relaxing. They offer different kinds of viands and desserts.





Message From Thy Heart

Utter your sincerest prayer. Pray with your heart and you will be blessed in so many ways. HE give what we need and what we want in his TIME. If it happens that HE did not grant your prayers, never be sad, HE has BETTER plans for you. Because HE always want what’s best for us. He sometimes send us hurdles, but charge those to experience. HE simply want us to be the person HE want us to be. Stonger. Wiser. Kind and Loving Heart. God bless!