Life’s Surprises

INTRO: I made this blog account as my outlet and to share my views and life experiences thinking and hoping i can inspire other people. If i wasn’t able to write a post for the past months, my apology. Life has given me some things… Great things… I, myself, couldn’t believe that THAT is possible. What else can i say, GOD IS SO AWESOME.

LIFE INDEED IS FULL OF SURPRISES. I am now a firm believer of this line. Just as i am a firm believer that God give us what we pray for… in HIS time. And is always the right time. HE gives us hurdles in life that sometimes we may feel like we are being shattered into pieces. But let us remember that these are just temporary and He always has a reason behind each struggle. We just really have to look at the brighter side. Well, it is us who will suffer more if we will let ourselves be drowned with the negative thoughts.

Keep living… Keep loving…