I’d love to share to you our story. Inspire you that despite ALL the distance and differences, a relationship can be as strong just like the ones who spend time together… In flesh.

We started as chatmates. *according to him* his friend (Let’s call him GINO) and him (Little Froggy) were doing some research while i’m probably with my friends playing around. Gino and i were the first to chat, by some fate, Little Froggy and I end up conversing. And then we exchanged phone numbers and became textmates. And that is the start of our beautiful friendship. He was then a college student while i was in high school, yes, we kind of have a *let’s say* 4-5 years gap. I never had a problem in expressing myself around him. He’s easy to talk to. I don’t remember a dull time with him. We always laugh, be serious and laugh again whenever we talk. We help each other, especially him. He helped me a lot! Did some research for my homeworks, case studies and all. And i help him while talking to him! LOL!