Cried then Moved On

Goodbyes are not forever… that’s what other people believe.

I have been in a long term relationship. We were together for a LONG time, long enough that people around us especially our families thought we’ll end up saying our vows to each other. But then again, fate… destiny… made some twists and we end up parting ways and have our respective lives and career. I won’t tell you why we broke up, to be safe, it just didn’t work. The pain and struggle I went thru is terrible. T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E. It was unexplainable on how much pain I was in years back. I broke down in front of my family, I cried hard in front of many people (you know that feeling that you don’t care anymore because you’re feeling so much worse? Or those moments when your tears are just flowing?), in front of my friends, at work (even during. Whew!). As the saying goes, “you won’t know a thing until you experience it.”

So much pain… but I held on to God, to my family, to my friends and my work (it really helps when you busy yourself). I prayed harder, even crying while uttering my prayers. I gave HIM my broken heart and ask HIM to return it when it’s whole again. I was broken. And as I recall my experience, I don’t want to go back there again. Call me coward, but no.

A lot of people helped me. My bestfriend took over my facebook account (she did!). She deleted all the photos and changed my profile photo (of course, she chose the one she’s in it). After probably a month or so, I opened my account and decided to change its settings and newsfeed. It’s a trick I discovered. *wink! wink!* I don’t want to end up stalking him. 😀  went out with my family and friends. I highly appreciate my family’s efforts in helping me recover. Mom always cook my fave dishes! Weee. And me and my brother always watch a movie or two while sharing midnight snacks. The best! I guess it’s true when they say, whatever works. After months, I was pushed to go out on dates. My friends were excited for me to go out again and check on their “manok.”

God is the best! He helped me a lot in surpassing that phase in my life. Shout out to all my friends and co-workers, I love you guys! Especially to my parents and brother… I love you more. *hugs*

I am not angry at ‘him’ but I won’t be a hypocrite and say it was okay because it isn’t. I have matured and grew in our relationship that has taught me a lot of learnings in life and in myself. I still want to thank him for he’s an instrument in moulding me to the person I am now. We may not have talked to each other since then… I still prayed for his happiness… To be with someone whom he can be truly happy.

God let me feel all those pains and all those tears… taught me how to be strong for HE was preparing me to THE ONE. HE really has a great mind and a big heart. Thank you Lord!

Because… now… I am happy. It’s surprising how things work but I guess that’s how it is.

You may be experiencing what I have gone through… You may be hurting right now… You probably one of those who moved on… Or could be on your “recovering” or “moving on” phase… Remember, this too shall pass. And soon, everything will fall into its rightful place. God has better plans for you… a perfect one! Pray. Believe. Pray.

Happy reading!




2 thoughts on “Cried then Moved On

  1. praveendass says:

    All growth involves saying good-bye to some things and saying hello to new possibilities. – Nathaniel Branden

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