Wedding Preparation TIPsy

Do you hear the wedding bells?

Being engaged means you are taking a huge step where you’ll be forever be in. Seeing and feeling that your partner is the person you want to be with for the rest of your life is SOMETHING…

Ready for the next step? It’s called WEDDING PREPARATION. Let me give you some things we learned as we prepare on our own wedding. We are no experts but hey, who knows how much help we can give, right?

We got engaged few years back, and due to the distance we have right now, we have to make time in order to talk and decide on things. What things? You’ll find some of them below:

  1. Date– This is where you really have to decide when is the RIGHT for both parties. Both families should agree to the date that you’re going to choose because this is the basis whenever you inquire for a venue, and other vendors (suppliers).
  2. Budget– VITAL, you and your partner have to decide on. This is when you’ll be a good mathematician. Hahaha. You’ll constantly checking on your budget and doing calculations if vendors’ service fees will fit in your budget. **Remember: Do not include in your calculations the amount of your guests, families, and sponsors will give on your wedding day. *_*
  3. Number of Guests– Okay, we’re getting serious. Talk to your parents, you’ll be surprise on how many people they want to include in your guest list. Try to make a draft then talk who you need to scratch (it’s a pain but you have to do it) if you’re exceeding from the number you should be inviting. Apart from the guests, you have to count the number of vendors who will enter the venue to assist you (photographers, videographers, hair & make up team etc)  **Remember: You have to check if the venue you’re getting will have enough space for the number of guest you would want to invite.
  4. Guest List– Make the list “together”. Make a initial list of your entourage, who will be what. Then finalize it after everything’s booked.
  5. Ceremony– Where are you going to do the ceremony?
    1. Do you want to do it in a church/cathedral? Then you have to start looking for one a year before your chosen date and book it. There’s a process, sorry buddies for I don’t know how they do it.
    2. Are you planning for a destination wedding? Ponder well on what you want: Garden… Beach.. Ranch.. Farm etc. Then find a licensed person to officiate your marriage.
  6. Venue (Reception)- Most of the venues right now can be customized. Consider the location where your ceremony will take place. Check the capacity of the people that can go in: Will you have enough space to move and groove or you’ll end up bumping on to each other? How far is the powder room/washroom? Is it communal or not? Is it clean? Ask for photos and check for the reviews. Do you see yourselves spending fun and memorable time there? Visit the place.
    1. Ask if they offer packages. Check and double-check the inclusions in each package:
      1. If the food and set-up are included. FOOD: Review their menus, ask if you can switch some of the dishes, or if upgrades are available. Choose your food and drink carefully. Also, don’t forget to ask if the drinks are unlimited or just one round.
      2. Chairs: Monobloc or Tiara?
      3. How about the event assistant, host/emcee? How many hours can you stay?
      4. Lights and sound system. How will it work on your wedding day. Check if you have friends or families who want to perform.
      5. Florist– this is one of the important details you have to consider for they are responsible for the entourage flowers, and possibly the set-up. Talk to him/her about the theme you want or how you want the venue and/or ceremony to look.
      6. WINE/LIQUOR- Is there a corkage for these? If so, how many bottles are free of charge? Try to negotiate. 😉
  7. Wedding Gown/ Suit or Barong/Entourage– Start looking for designs you want for the BIG DAY. You ask a designer to draw and do you gown/suit based on the location of the wedding, your body frame and of course, your budget.
  8. Photographer/Videographer– A beautiful and memorable day should be captured artistically and professionally. Find someone who you think can do that, consider your budget. **Remember: Hire a team who’s within the province or city where you will hold your wedding.


Those are just some of the things you have to really think about in preparing for THAT DAY.

It doesn’t really matter how grand or simple your wedding is, what’s important is how you rock your marriage with that person you choose to love forever.



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