Long Distance Relationship, You Say?

It’s hard to be in a long distance relationship. And it gets harder each time you get to spend time together and be apart days after. But you need to be strong and have faith that soon you’ll be together and never be apart again.

My boyfriend and i want to share our story since we met and started our relationship thru online (chat then textmates). We were close friends since i was in 3rd high school. We’re 5years gap by the way. We started as friends and had our respective partners after some time. As our fate turned, we end up “talking” again 3rd quarter last year (2013). And we happened to be both available, after few months of constant communication we found ourselves falling in love with each other. Well, we haven’t met yet! We just saw each other in person last June 2014, 5 months after being official. And now, we’re planning our wedding for next year. He’s from Bohol and i from Pampanga. It’s like we need to hop a flight just to be together. Sorry if it’s not detailed… Yet. But we have a comedy-romance story. 😉 how we love to share to the world our love story… That amidst the distance and differences… We made it!



Courageous Heart

It will surprise you as to how often you really think about the person who broke your heart and you were not able to express just how deep your pain runs. Then, it will surprise you even more on how happy you feel and somehow thankful for that person because he lead you to your PRESENT and sooner, your forever love. Also, he taught you countless lessons that made you stronger, wiser… Better.

Happy heart.

Life’s Surprises

INTRO: I made this blog account as my outlet and to share my views and life experiences thinking and hoping i can inspire other people. If i wasn’t able to write a post for the past months, my apology. Life has given me some things… Great things… I, myself, couldn’t believe that THAT is possible. What else can i say, GOD IS SO AWESOME.

LIFE INDEED IS FULL OF SURPRISES. I am now a firm believer of this line. Just as i am a firm believer that God give us what we pray for… in HIS time. And is always the right time. HE gives us hurdles in life that sometimes we may feel like we are being shattered into pieces. But let us remember that these are just temporary and He always has a reason behind each struggle. We just really have to look at the brighter side. Well, it is us who will suffer more if we will let ourselves be drowned with the negative thoughts.

Keep living… Keep loving…

Life As We See It

God send people in our lives for different reasons: To make us happy, to hurt us and the list is endless. But one thing is for sure, He wants us to learn. Learn from the happiness, learn from the heartaches, from our mistakes… Learn from the simple situations He sends… and realize that life is beautiful depending on how we see it. Sometimes, because we are too happy we tend to overlook what’s infront of us.


Life’s Realization

Life gives us a lot of things to ponder and learn. But it definitely teaches us to realize and learn from our mistakes and know our worth. That we need to be a good person, if not better. That we have to help others who needed our help. That we have to do what is right and what is good. That there are things out of our hands we have to accept. Amidst all of the bad things happening in one’s life, we have to keep on looking at the bright side… There’s always good in every thing. Keep your optimism and faith burning.