Beach Bummin’ in Anda, Bohol

Went to visit this place and fell in love. Are you a beach bum? Then you might want to add this on your list.

Other than Tarsiers, Bohol, Philippines is also known for its stunning beaches. A known place is what they call Panglao, where beach resorts will be found. I have been to few of their beach resorts in the said location, but this post is about this place called East Coast Pacific White Sand in Anda, Bohol. My partner and I spent some time there for our anniversary. And my, such a beautiful place. We reserved few days prior, their employees are very accommodating and polite, I must say.

A room for two which is near the pool area is around P3,000. You can enjoy their swimming pools jacuzi, with breakfast for two and that wonderful view and the beach.

Here’s their restaurant. They have a good variety of dishes from breakfast to dinner.



This was our view from the restaurant. We arrived there around noon.



Tennis Court



Here are some shots from our room (below). There’s a queen-size bed, television with cable, telephone, closet, table and two chairs, and we like their bathroom (glass tube-like) with complimentary toiletries (Toothpaste, shampoo, and soap)– It’s squeaky clean! Also, we like the wooden chair which is just in front of the room. Where we chatted while sipping our coffee… enjoying our time together and the view.





That is a shot taken from our room. And yes, that’s what you’ll see when you open the door. Isn’t it beautiful?



There are two spots (areas) where you can go to take pictures or simply enjoy the view.



White sand, clear water, sunset and your labidude (partner), what else could you ask for?


They offer water activities too. This is one of the places that I love and will definitely visit again. It’s very relaxing. Not crowded.

**I have other photos but I don’t want this post to look like a photo album. *wink wink*



Sweet Home Cafè

I get to taste their latte and pudding the first time i visited their shop, and i did enjoy my drink. If i remember it right their pudding is just P15 per piece, cheap right? And the drink is around P80. Their price is affordable without tarnishing the quality of their goodies and their customer service too. They also have different cakes and cup cakes plus the TWG tea, Twinnings, breads, meals like chicken, pasta and sandwiches. Their breads are freshly baked. The place is air-conditioned (first floor) the open area is on the second floor. Although i noticed some chairs and tables infront and side of the shop. Well, you choose where you want to stay. Their employees are friendly. 😉 It is squeeky clean and very relaxing. They have couches, high chairs and regular ones. Plus outlets for those who opt to charge their gadgets while having a fun conversation and sipping their coffee or munching on their sandwich or cake. 🙂 or simply enjoy their free wi-fi. 😉



The Buzzz Cafè

My man and i had dinner here last September 04, 2014. Although we went to their main restaurant located in Panglao before, it’s a first for us to finally dine in and spend some time in the restaurant in this branch, cause what we usually do is just eat ice cream and enjoy the view. Upon entering the restaurant, we saw their products: different spread, bread and a lot more for pasalubong. 😊 On one corner you’ll find their ice cream. We already tried their Ube, Pandan and Mango flavor. Really good!

That night we tried their pasta with chicken and ribs ‘n brown rice matched with lemongrass drinks. The price is P160 for each meal. While waiting for our food we were given complimentary slices of bread plus honey and pesto dip. Isn’t that nice? Their employees are friendly and attentive. There was a soft music being played. They have sofa and wooden chairs. The one that is located in Panglao offers different facilities/amenities and has a beach view, romantic and very relaxing. 😉 but they also have one in Galleria Mall (where we ate). If you’re looking for a place to eat which use and serve organics, i recommend this place.



Persona Mesa



In one of my nights in Tagbilaran, Bohol my boyfriend and i went here. The staff were busy serving and all since the restaurant is almost full. We had their special dish SPARERIBS for 200+ pesos and a seafood pasta for another 200+. The spareribs came with few veggies and a rice while the pasta have 2 wheat breads. Their food is good. The place is clean and very relaxing. They have tables and seats in an air-conditioned area, also outside who may opt to smoke or just chill. Their loo is very unique and maintained clean amidst the busy staff. They have soups, sandwiches and desserts too. Their drinks are put in a jar which i find cute. Their staff are very friendly specially the security guard. It was indeed a wonderful night.